Accessible communication

All the benefits at a glance:

  • Professional advice about barrier-free communication
  • Tailored Video, Online and Streaming solutions provided as required
  • One-stop accessible communication

We are happy to advise about our comprehensive service, providing barrier-free communication at your presentation, on your website, with your printed brochures, and much more.

Plain or simple language

We translate into plain/simple language.

Translating means:
We make challenging texts easy to understand.
We write in plain language.
logo pruefsiegelThis means:
We write straightforward in clear texts.
So, you understand everything.
And, furthermore, your text gets a quality seal.

We interpret into plain/simple language.

Interpreting means:
A person speaks in challenging words.
We turn the spoken text into clear language.
This means:
We speak straightforward in clear texts.
So, you understand everything.
And, you can understand and talk to them.

Sign language interpretation

We offer sign language, and simplified combinations, tactile sign language on site, or via flexible IT solutions.

Speech-to-text interpreting, live subtitling

The relevant elements of the spoken text, including background noises and non-verbal expressions, are written down for use by a variety of participants, even in plain or simple language. The written text can then be displayed on small screens for individual users and groups, or on large screens for general use.

Audio description

We supply audio texts for your audiovisual products, from video ads to audioguides to make invisible aspects accessible to all.

Alternative texts

Your photos, graphics and briefs are provided with alternative texts to make sure their message is clear and accessible to the widest possible public.