All the benefits at a glance:

  • Professional advice about the best interpretation method for your purposes
  • Professional interpreters, who know the languages and the subject matter
  • Spatially flexible video and online solutions as required
  • Interpretation equipment: we can supply all your needs

We are ready to advise on the type of interpretation that is best suited to your event, and offer the following solutions:

Simultaneous interpreting

In this case, the interpreting is transmitted via microphone to the listeners who are wearing headsets; the technical requirement for this form of interpretation is a simultaneous interpreting kit, so that the interpreter can interpret the words while they are being spoken. This interpetation techique is suitable for large presentations involving a great many participants, such as conferences, AGMs, etc.

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter takes notes while the speaker is speaking, and when s/he has finished, the interpreter repeats the speech in the required language. This process takes more time. Consecutive translation is suitable for smaller groups of listeners.

Escort interpreting

This service is used for individuals or groups, during tours of the city, viewings or when attending different kinds of events.

Whispered interpreting

A conversation between two or more persons is facilitated through the provision of short bouts of simultaneous or whispered interpretation. This technique is particularly useful for business deals, guided tours, etc.

Liaison interpreting

Brief segments of interpretation are provided consecutively and without taking notes. The speaker and interpreter take it in turns to speak, every two to three sentences. This method is recommended for small, confidential meetings that require two languages.

Speech-to-text interpreting

The relevant elements of the spoken text, including background noises and non-verbal expressions, are written down for use by a variety of participants. The written text can then be displayed on small screens for individual users and groups, or on large screens for general use.

Additional services to interpreting:

We are also happy to provide translations of the documents that are used for conferences, meetings, workshops etc. and to process reports and documents in the language that our interpreters are working into.

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