All the benefits at a glance:

  • Professional intralingual or interlingual transcription
  • Top quality ensured through use of mother-tongue editors - inclusive
  • Live on site transcription service available on demand
  • Spatially flexible video and online solutions as required
  • Set price: you know your project costs right from the start

Do you need a transcription of an audiotext or audiovisual material? Whether it’s a cassette, disc, videofilm, or a dictated text, we would be delighted to supply dialogue lists and documents, as well as a translation. Our language services are also available on site, so that transcription can be done live. Naturally, our four eyes principle is applied in this sector too - or should that be four ears?

Your requirements - your transcription

Together we establish which scientific transcription system is best suited to your needs. We can use established transcription systems (Hoffmann-Riem, Kallmeyer/Schütze, the GAT system with basic or refined transcripts, etc.) or respond to individual requirements.

Basic transcript of single and group interviews, simple transcription, Sprachdschungel Standard

Easy to read forms in conventional German, with smoothing of common speech or dialect, minor incidents and non-verbal events, pauses and interjections (um, er..) can be added if specified. The focus here is on readability, learnability, and a rapid turnaround. This transcription rules prioritise the content of the proceedings.

Fine transcript of single and group interviews, detailed transcription

Our transcripts follow establish systems (viz. Hoffmann-Riem, Bohnsack, etc.) or your own guidelines for transcription. You will need a detailed transcript that follows complex rules if the subsequent analysis is going to focus on more than the semantic content of the proceedings. For instance, further details relating to prosody can be recorded, including variations in tone, accents, volume and speed of the proceedings. Sometimes, a phonetic transcript is supplied (viz. for research into dialects) or complex non-verbal phenomena are presented.

Overview of available transcription standards

Here we present a brief account of our standard transcription systems. We are happy to use a system that meets your individual requirements. Please get in touch with us about this!

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